What Is Atticus Finch

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Atticus is on his own raising Jem and Scout with help from Calpurnia, who is like a mother to the kids. she cooks and cleans and watches over them when he leaves. Atticus is the father of Jem and Scout and is much older and wiser than they thought he was, he can't really do, much like play football with Jem because he is too old. Atticus is also a lawyer and very good at his job. Atticus Finch is a good father, he tries to teach Jem and Scout these things, but scout doesn't really understand what he is talking about, he manages to do it. Jem and scout are scared of Mr. Radley because of a creepy rumor about him that they happen to believe are true but really isn't Arthur Radley is a good guy and very caring. For example, when miss Maudie's house burned down Atticus told them to go wait in front of the Radley's house, they didn't know it, but Boo Radley covered them with a blanket and they didn't even see him they were too focused on miss Maudie. Another time was when Jem and scout got attacked by someone and Mr.Radley had saved them but Jem had gotten hurt. …show more content…

Atticus once told scout that if you were to put yourself in her shoes then you will know her ways. I think that is really good advice, especially to scout. Jem kinda gets mad at Atticus sometimes because he wants to play football with him, but Atticus says no cause he is too old to rough house. Jem does not really understand that he can't really do stuff anymore.

Overall, Atticus has an answer to every mistake Jem and scout make or not even a mistake anything they ask. He tries his hardest to have Jem and scout succeed, that is what makes Atticus a good

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