What Is Causing America 's Academic Shortcomings? Essay

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Nevin Johnson
Chuck Justin
21 November 2016
What is Causing America’s Academic Shortcomings?
Since the beginning of global standardized testing, American students have been less than impressive. Numerous other countries consistently score higher than students in the United States. While comparing the test scores from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) and Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS), two major cross-national studies of students’ scholastic performance, it is true that the United States is nowhere near the top, and is instead merely mediocre. An exhaustive list of reasons could be compiled in attempting to explain this phenomenon, but at its core the problem is not that complicated. The prominent issues that cause American students to lag behind are a result of the nation’s multiple separate education systems, parenting, the curriculum or specifically how it is taught.
In America, the education system is not singular. All education systems in the United States are loosely regulated under the same federal rules; however, the federal government does not run the school districts. Instead, districts are operated by individual states, plus the District of Columbia (Rosales). This means some states preform exceptionally while others preform excessively bad. This misconstrues the way that the states are being compared to other countries of the world because comparing U.S. results to the rest of the world is essentially

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