What Is Chechnya?

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What is Chechnya? Where it is located?
Chechnya is an autonomous republic, partly owned by Russian Federation; it has a variety of ethnicity, Chechnya has always been seeking for national identities and the recognition in the international arena. It is located in Northern Caucasia and South Russia, between Caspian and Black seas.
Religion in Chechnya, In the 15 century people converted to Sunni Islam, In the late 1700s pre soviet period, Chechnya fight against Russia, Why? Simply because Russia wanted to be dominant over Chechnya’s territory, Between 1824 and 1859, war over territory which resulted to victory of Russian Empire, and this outcome included Chechnya into the incorporation of the Russian Federation. After the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, Chechnya was part of the Soviet Union. Together with its neighboring country Ingushetia, It was set a Chechen Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1930s, It was harshly effected thousands of Chechens because of Stalin’s policy which provoked and Chechens were executed or imprisoned. …show more content…

Most of them were leaving their home lands, because they had no identity and they were suppose to leave for better life and shelter.. Stalin was not aiming only to move Chechens from their lands and German conquest, but additionally to destroy their ethnic identity. During Stalin’s period Chechnya was deleted from maps, and their cultural monuments were

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