What Is Ford's Argument Of Welsh Sports?

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Matthew Ford agrees with Edwards and points out that there’s always been a precedent of Welsh clubs participating in English leagues and vice-versa in United Kingdom’s sporting history. The best examples are of Swansea and Cardiff City, who continue to play in the English Football League despite Wales having their own football team .
“It would be very spiteful for the ECB to chuck Glamorgan out, if Wales forms its own team,” says Ford . “Especially when you consider that Glamorgan are among the oldest stakeholders of its County Championship, having being around since the 1920’s.”
So far so good. But there’s no getting away from the fact that if Wales does choose to go it alone, the days of watching high-profile Ashes cricket might be over. In place, Welsh cricket lovers might have to contend themselves with seeing Wales play off against teams like Papua New Guinea and Nepal, to name a few.
“But isn’t that better than watching maybe a couple of England games every summer,” questions Ford. “In any case, people from Wales aren’t watching cricket...60 percent of the crowd at the last Ashes Test were from outside Wales.” Ford doesn’t buy the argument that games against Associate nations wouldn’t be exciting, he thinks they’re “worthy opponents” and he’d rather see games against them rather than England playing Australia.
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The first method, according to him, would be creating a system where the England and Wales Cricket Board would be allowed to field two separate teams, as they seemingly represent two nations. Hypothetically, this would mean ECB fielding two teams: one an England team for all global competitions, while another Welsh team to play among the associations. Edwards agrees that this would be the simplest solution, but it would require ICC making special provisions within its rules. Edwards admits that other ICC members might have an issue with it.

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