What Is Gran Canaria Nightlife Essay

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Gran Canaria Nightlife: Where to Party and Staying Safe

Gran Canaria nightlife is one of the paradise island’s strongest draws. Though it’s hardly one of the reasons why you would go there, it’s something you would want to experience. The urbanised capital of Las Palmas has a number of bars and disco areas. The same can be said to the resort town of Maspalomas which is also a well-known party centre.

Before you strap on your disco shoes and order your martinis, there are a few things you would want to know about beforehand. There are a few must-visit spots, as well as a few observances. Here are some of which:

Nothing Happens Before Midnight

Elsewhere around the world, the highlight of nightlife starts at 10:00 PM onwards. In Gran Canaria …show more content…

Though it’s ok to drink and go partying, it wouldn’t be smart to chug a barrel of booze in one sitting. Do it in moderation and be sure not to drink to the point of passing out.

Have a designated driver. When going out with friends, have someone close to you take the car keys to bring you back to your hotel or apartment. You can always flag a taxi, but it’s always best to have someone you know.

Watch what you drink. This is especially if you don’t know who you’re talking with. Keep your eyes on your drinks, but don’t do it to the point of being paranoid.

Gran Canaria’s nightlife is pretty vibrant and you would want to experience it for yourself. Just take note that events don’t start until midnight. If you’re in Las Palmas, spend some time in Plaza de Espana, or the Paper Club and the El Gallinero Cafe Arte. Moreover, there are also some good spots in Maspalomas. Finally, it would be best to keep yourself safe by drinking in moderation, having an assigned driver, and by being wary of what you put in your lips.

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