What Is Income Inequality?

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The 2016 election was a time for many to feel distressed and anxious for the future of America. Having a criminal to the left and a Bigot to right, left many wanting, or have already drank their lives away to forget how such madness could even take place in the “Greatest Country in the World”. Many topics were brought up for the soon to be leader of the United States; however, one topic was a topic that neither knew as much as the one and only Bernie Sanders.
Income Inequality a topic Sanders has been working on during his decades-long career in politics. He has stated that he “advocates policies that get to the root cause of these inequalities… expanding the social safety net, creating more well-paying jobs, and reforming systems… super-rich …show more content…

The 20th century is the earliest we have of records to highlight the statistics. “A statistician by the name of Willford I. King expressed concern over the fact that approximately 15% of America’s income went to the nation’s richest 1%. A more recent study by Thomas Piketty and Emmanuel Saez estimates that, in 1913, about 18% of income went to the top 1%” (Johnston). A new income tax was introduced in 1913 which was advocated by populist parties; a third party created by disgruntled farmers in the 1890s, with the introduction of “equality, justice, and fairness”. Many, however believed the new tax was just to be able to distribute excess of what was …show more content…

In Robert Reich’s documentary, he mentioned how middle class is ranked from someone making 20,000 to 55,000 a year. Looking at how the lowest is 20,000 is not much, even 55,000 is that great with how expensive living is now. With having this tax reform, I feel like I will help these families, and the economy able to grow. With people having to focus less on being able to pay these high taxes and focus on the goods creates this cycle of growing for the best.
When asked about income inequality Hilary Clinton proposed “increasing wages for the middle class and increasing tax rates for the wealthy. Raising the minimum wage to 12 dollars from $7.25(Demaria). Growing up in a conservative family they always believed that raising the minimum wage was a terrible thing to do. This minimum wage is only for high school and college students who are just getting the sweet taste of adulthood. Raising the minimum wage would also increase sale prices making things much more

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