What Is Life Purpose Essay

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What is your life purpose? This might be a reflective question that is hard to answer for all of us because it requires time to think and understand ourselves. It does not simply mean what you want to do in life but it reflects more deeply that what make you happy and matter you the most. Life purpose is what you value and can motivate you to achieve the success. From the article how will measure your life ? written by Dr. Clayton M. Christen, the author mentioned that most people have little idea about their life purpose. They don’t have a clear idea what is important and meaningful for their life. The author focused that it’s essential for everyone to take time and ask themselves about their life purpose because it’s the best way of learning…show more content…
It is the fuel that motivates people to pursue their goal. After people realize what they need in life, they go forward to it with their spirit and power. They can continue doing what they love and worth for them. There has nothing that limits their effort to achieve life’s goal. As a result, people who have a life’s purpose can thrive to the success easily than others. Everything is possible to do and the door of opportunity open for them. Furthermore, life purpose is the intrinsic force that makes people be able to overcome the trouble in life. When they face with life’s struggle, they can break through the problem and come across it because they see it as a challenge rather than obstacle. It does not matter how hard the problem is but they can overcome ultimately. Hence, life purpose can motivate individual to reach the goal and also cope with life’s difficulty

In conclusion, life purpose has many benefits to our life. People can concentrate on important thing and have ability to make a good decision. They can allocate time and effort in the right area, which result in life’s achievement. Moreover, people who realize their life purpose can fulfill satisfaction because their life are more meaningful and passionate. Everything will be done with passion and come from the heart. In addition, purpose of life is also the intrinsic motivation that driven our life to the success. Any struggle is turned to be a power that propels our effort to accomplish the
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