What Is Pythagoras's Legacy

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Pythagoras as an individual is a mysterious person although his legacy is relevant through history. He was born on an island just off Turkey, called Samos. The date of his birth is a cumulation of assumptions and historical study we can assume he was born in 570 BCE. As a youth, he would travel with his merchant father throughout Mesopotamia and the modern day Medatirraen. Eventually returning to Tyre (Modern day Lebanon) for education. Education and influences As a young man, Pythagoras met Thales a greek philosopher; who was impressed with his potential and directed Pythagoras to study astronomy and mathematics with the priests in Memphis, Egypt. He had the opportunity to study in the temples of Tyre, Byblos as well as Babylon. His most …show more content…

One of the people that people that we are reliant on for accurate transgressions on his travels is Iamblichus who documented that “ Pythagoras was dragged into all sorts of diplomatic missions by his fellow citizens and forced to participate in public affairs. ... He knew that all the philosophers before him had ended their days on foreign soil so he decided to escape all political responsibility, alleging as his excuse, according to some sources, the contempt the Samians had for his teaching method.”. This paved the way for Pythagoras to travel to Croton, a city located on the heel of Italy. Where he founded a secret society known as the …show more content…

Legacy and Use of His work. The Golden Rule and the Pythagoras rule is attributed to the superior aesthetic architecture of the ancient Romans and Greeks. The Parthenon is a temple built for the Greek goddess Athena; constructed shortly after the death of Pythagoras. The building is the testament to the successful application of the Golden Rule. The Pythagoras invention of the 3,4,5 rule allowed the correct and accurate building of foundations. The use of this rule allows the user to find 90 degrees and is still used in modern construction. The relevance of Pythagoras is prominent and his life ethos still remains vital in most parts of society; the secrecy of certain organisations such as the Free Masons are based on the values that Pythagoras once forwarded. Although little is known about his personal mathematical achievements the legacy that the Mathamatokoi remains

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