What Is Rome Like The Goths

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Rome was founded on 21 April 753 BC by Romulus on the palatine hill. The Roman Empire was one that was founded on the idea of spreading and conquering, bringing the culture of Rome for all people to enjoy. Centuries of conquering and expanding made Rome's borders bigger and bigger at the height of its power Rome was 2.2 million square miles. This expansion although impressive was ultimately one of their downfalls. As the Empire got bigger all the boarders got harder to defend, also it got harder for the capital to communicate to all of its cities because of the distances they would have to go. This made the emperors job of controlling his empire much harder. Rome started to decline around the fourth century and their were a lot of factors …show more content…

One of these people were the Goths. The Goths were being closed in on by the Huns who wanted to kill them, so the Goths wanted to become part of Rome. There were so many Goths that Rome could not say no to them anymore. Rome allowed them in and they lived in Rome. Romans though did not like the goths, though and treated them unfairly with higher taxes and unfair wages. With the Goths being treated unfairly they pillaged the surrounding area to try and get the message through that they should be treated fairly (even if it was in a violent way). Valens took this wrong and attacked the Goths back. Rome did not have the manpower to take on all the Goths. Rome was over confident and attacked anyways. Rome attacked the Goths at Adrianople and in one day around 60,000 Goths killed over 40,000 Romans (The Fall of The Roman Empire). After that battle though the Goths had better wages and taxes. As Rome allowed more and more foreigners inside Rome they became farmers or warriors. There were so many of these foreign warriors in their army that the word for soldiers became barbarian. Rome also stopped requiring people to speak latin making it harder for regiments in the army to communicate to each other. This made roman army less effective at fending off threats attacking their borders. Helping to the decline in militaristic power of the roman …show more content…

One of the most pressing problems was the lack of money due to the split between the western and eastern roman empire. Since they became so tight on money they decided to employ the cheaper, but less reliable Germanic mercenaries. This was not a good idea because when the mercenaries were not loyal to Rome. Their first loyalty was to money, their second to their general, and their third to themselves. Once knew that they could not defend Rome from the attacking germanic tribes. They gave up. The sack of the city of Rome was on August 24, 410. Rome would be sacked more times after this by different tribes looking to control the

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