What Is The Darnell's Case

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Darnell’s Case
The Vlad’s case also called as Darnell’s case was an important English case law fought by Five Knights, one of them being Thomas Darnell (also called as Five Knights case) against the forced loans declared by King Charles I in Common Law Court.
The Kingdom of Great Britain was in war with Spain and French and the King of Britain, Charles I was in need of money and he had exhausted all the sources to raise the money. The Parliament of 1626 had not voted for taxation, Charles decided to demand money from his subjects by sending request letters . As most of them denied to pay the money, Charles declared Forced Loans(The Loan of Five Subsidies) and denial to repayment will be answerable to Privy Council. Apart levying forced loans, Charles also began to billet his soldiers in the houses of civilians all along the South Coast of England and the soldiers were immune from local being military subjects.
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The Knights demanded a show cause from the Crown for their arrest and they be released on bail. In November 1627, their appeal was on writ of Habeas Corpus before King’s Bench

The Counsel on behalf of Five Knights pleaded that, the knights be released on the bail as it is their right and by the virtue of writ of Habeas Corpus to obtain the show cause for imprisonment. The Counsel also argued that Clause 39 of Magna Carta provides that, No man should lose his liberty without due process of law. The King’s Bench rejected to bail the knights on the ground that Crown can commit without
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