What Is The Difference Between Romeo And Juliet Newspaper Article

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The Capulets and the Montague once again had a feud yesterday at noon. Unfortunately this one left the residents of Verona at shock and grieve when they found out about the death of Tybalt Capulet, Lord capulet’s nephew, and Mercutio Escalus, prince’s kinsmen. Along with the deaths Romeo Montague was charged and exiled from the city of Verona. Witnesses, who were present at the crime scene have stated that Tybalt had challenged Romeo to a street brawl because he was at the Capulet's mask party. When the young Romeo refused the brawl, Tybalt started harassing him. Mercutio, a good friend of Romeo had enough with Tybalt and took Romeo’s place of fighting. The brawl ensured Mercutio’s death from being slained. Romeo was enraged with what had happened to his best friend. He fought Tybalt and killed him in the brawl.

Prince Escalus, the Prince of Verona was very hurt from hearing his cousin, Mercutio, had died. Prince Escalus immediately banished Romeo from Verona. The prince was quoted saying, “Romeo is banished from the walls of Verona. If he is to ever be seen again in Verona he will be executed.”
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They should definitely solve their ongoing feud. I was Scared to death when they were brawling. Not only did they put their own lives to danger but they also put the citizens of verona in danger. This is pure rubbish. I am happy they died and that Romeo got banished.” Said Aaron, a citizen of Verona.

The grudge of the two household’s have gone too far. What will happen to the Verona and its people if the Montagues and Capulet continue to fight and die on the streets of Verona? This unfortunate event ended lives of two very well-known citizens of Verona and banished
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