What Is The Little Mermaid

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Practical explorations and developments of the solo theatre piece For this project I began by researching the term concept musicals. On many websites there seemed to be controversy as to what exactly this form of theater was. Although there are many variations, all sources seem to accept that concept musicals distracted from the narrative and don’t promote the plot. Also, there were sources that didn't believe Harold prince was the true founder of concept musicals and that he rather found inspiration from other directors such as Bertolt Brecht. Focusing on the theory, I found it important to know the types of musicals. This was because with the ability to compare and contrast these forms I would be able to truly understand what made this…show more content…
If I adapted it, whole song lyrics would have to be changed and more importantly the plot line. Then again maybe dialogue could be an addition to the theory. It’s not written anywhere that there has to be a song that creates the concept. I watched the high school performance of The Little Mermaid to see if it was possible.( "The Little Mermaid 2012 - Lewis and Clark High School Tiger Drama."YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 23 Nov. 2015.) The dialogue was very short and humorous. Thought still, it wasn’t a concept. There must be more effort and reseach put into this idea, but in all honesty I believe dialogue could create a concept. This is going back to prince’s quote on his ideas being equally applied to plays. As a result of the failure The Heathers became my second choice. This story follows a girl who is trying to survive high school, but gets involved with the wrong crowd. Homicidal and suicidal actions occur, eventually leading up to the conclusion in which Veronica- the main character puts her foot down for a better world. Even though she strongly contributed to turning the world upside down in the first place.Unfortunately the songs that could be adapted were inappropriate. This is due to the excessive use of profanity, sexual innuendos, and cruel stereotypes. Which left me with Legally Blonde, the perfect…show more content…
yet once I found it I had to narrow down the musical numbers. The chosen song had to set up the entire message. In this case we had to see that she tried to change to fit in,but only changed her mind and became a winner by her own terms. Defying the stereotype that was found in the song “chip on my shoulder. Originally I looked at four songs; “Omigod you guys, Legally Blonde, find my way, chip on my shoulder. Omigod you guys was immediately eliminated. The song talks about being a perfect couple with the guy who dumps her in the next song. She struggles to find the perfect wedding dress. This song delivers no message and in fact the idea goes against the theme. Legally blonde is also a bad example,because Elle at the height of her game is struck down and she gives up on love and school. In the song find my way. Elle has won her court case and can confidently turn down Warner because she realizes that she has bigger dreams ahead she can accomplish. Unfortunately the audience doesn't get to see the stereotype or understand her shortcomings. Furthermore the song is only three minutes long and it would be impossible to fill the eight minutes. I would have to use more than one song and or adapt more dialogue within the script. Chip on my shoulder talks about how Elle’s feeling about the pressure she’s under. Emment Convinces Elle To focus and become determined to prove
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