What Is The Pride Of The Life?

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Crimson blood expanded across the wooden floor and soon reaches her feet. She looks down at the limp body on the ground, the pistol in her hand, and her sister rocking back in forth in a corner with tears streaming down her face with the rhythm of soft music in the background.
It’s 1925 in Harlem, New York and a time where female were exploring their sexuality by wearing shorter dresses and demanding equality. Also a time where being black guaranteed discrimination but in Harlem black folks gathered as a community and took pride of their culture. Light seeps into between the walls and cast rows across Laelynn’s sleeping face. Her eye prys open and rises out of bed. The rigidity stairs meet her callused feet as she descends to the
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Lynn renters the room as she did the first time but with a sickly feeling gnawing at her.
She clocks out and strolls on home with grub in her hands. The streets have lost it’s charm and returns to being a collection of noisy one’s ignores. A woman comes out stumbling over the steps with her shoes in hand and messy hair.
“Your dress is on backwards.” The woman glances down and realizes she is right.
“For crying out loud! Sometimes I can be a dumb Dora. How was work, honey?” The mother senses the awkwardness of her daughter catching her in the act of adultery.
“Bye, mom. I’ll tell Jack you said hi.” Lynn walks away knowing she will see her again after work leaving another man’s house. Instead of continuing down the path back home she makes a left into alluring Cotton Club. There aren’t any white folks at the tables or anyone performing. There’s no one for that matter. She sets down the plate on the table and slowly moves toward to the dimly lit stage to wrap her hands around the microphone. As she closes her eyes the club is filled with people waiting to see her. Her fellow brothers and sisters are inside the warmth and white folk are stuck in the cold but willingly to bear it to her sing. Also, Jack, her little sister, is in her best dress sitting between ma and pa with love in their eyes. Lynn signals the band to hit it and she belt out magnificent music throughout
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