What Is The Reflection Of The Book Lovey

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The book Lovey helped me to reflect on what life as a special education teacher would be like in the past. While reading the book I admired the remarkable commitment that Mary MacCrackin has to her job teaching special education students, no matter the circumstances. Most teachers would have a hard time accepting a student that knowing they would interrupt and disturb the safe environment that you worked so hard to create. However, Mary chose to take on that responsibility with Hannah. Mary worked with Hannah each day little by little helping her become part of the class. Hannah is a student who I would consider to be emotionally disturbed and have autism. Reading about her daily life at school, life at home and her personality I began to understand her as a student who has autism. In the past, it was common for students to not be diagnosed with autism. After reading Lovey it is clear that Hannah was both emotionally disturbed and had autism.
Lovey helped me understand what a person with autism deals with on a daily basis. Since autism has such a wide range of characteristics it is hard to put yourself into the world of someone who has autism and functions with it every day. The hardest struggle of someone who has autism would be being seen as an outcast by your peers. Some of Hannah’s peers were afraid of her because of the way she acted in the classroom. Another struggle would be not being able to express yourself the way your peers do. To your peers not being able to

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