What Is The Story Of Albert Ink's Answers?

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May 1, 2098: At 8 a.m., Albert Ink, a Class-A Scriptornoid robot received a memo from his publisher; demanding to know why he had written, The Golden Years of Synthetic Organisms, in Pig Latin. Of course he immediately asked his personal assistant, G–Girl-1, what provoked her to act in such an impertinent manner. She simply replied - Causebay ouyay aidsay ouryay ublisherpay asway away umanhay igpay. Since he never described his publisher as a human pig, he called the Rehabilitation Center for Malfunctioning Gynoids. Half an hour later a representative from the RCMG arrived. It took almost an hour to convince G-Girl-1 to come out from under her desk. When she finally did she looked at Albert and hissed, “You’re going down buster.” …show more content…

Brutus, I highly respect the efficiency of the ARDW, but deem your eavesdropping on my privacy disrespectful.” “Sir, your office door was ajar, so I entered and purely by accident overheard what you said. Rest assured, Sir, as a professional C.O.I.S. Bot, your secrets remain secret. Therefore, speak as freely as you wish and worry not,” says Brutus as he politely offered a sincere handshake to demonstrate his loyalty and friendship. Since robots normally don’t shake hands, Albert slightly paused, before he accepted the kind gesture and says, “Brutus thanks for your understanding.” “Sir, I know it’s none of my business, but why did you utter those words?” “Well, my shiny trusted friend, for unknown reasons my algorithms have developed a severe case of hiccups, which occur spontaneously, thus causing a deviation from my programmed script. Less than forty minutes ago, I sat at my desk trying to decide what dance to dance, for the record, I find dancing repulsive. Therefore, the notion of even contemplating dancing baffles my artificial brain. Moreover, my indecisiveness bewilders me and I find irrationality superseding my steadfast logic.” Nonchalantly, Albert pulled from the breast pocket of his green and pink striped, seersucker Blazer, a newspaper clipping from the Citizens of the World Chronicle. Then without hesitation handed it to Brutus, and simply says, “Read this.” Brutus followed the guidelines of his occupation and uploaded

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