What Is The Turning Point In Macbeth

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Throughout these three books In the Heart of the Sea, Sailors to the End, and Macbeth many turning points occur that are reversible. While many points are reversible, there are also turning points that are irreversible. The points of no return throughout these three novels are just defined as Chase’s decision not to kill the whale, Captain Beling’s acceptance of the faulty ordinance to be taken aboard the vessel, and Macbeth’s murder of King Duncan. In the first two novels, Chase and Captain Beling make their decision based on what is best for their men and their objective; on the other hand, Macbeth’s decision is motivated solely by ambition and greed.
Sailors to the End represents real heroic valor; the action begins on the U.S.S Forrestal on July 29, 1967, when a fire consumed the ship claiming 134 sailors, and injuring another 161. The fire began, when an electrical anomaly caused a Zuni Rocket to launch from a fighter jet, hitting John McCain’s plane while refueling. Resulting in the explosion of the 1,000 pound WWII era bombs, delivered by the U.S.S Diamond Head, the night before, exploding. These bombs exploded just minutes after the fire started, they were unlike newer weapons that were designed to melt, instead of exploding if exposed to fire. These bombs were corroding and damaged, and as a result, blew much earlier than expected. One can believe that the turning point of the book was when the first bomb went off. They believe this because when the bomb went off

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