What Is The Value Of Honesty In The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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The Necklace, written by Guy de Maupassant is a tale about a woman named Mathilde Loisel who lives a poor life, but constantly fantasizes what it would be like to be wealthy. The story starts out by stating, although she was born into a pitiful life, she was still “pretty and charming”(Page 1), but these great traits don’t seem to matter, as she is still very unhappy. This disparaging attitude about how unlucky Mathilde’s life is, leads her to learn one of life’s most important lessons and personality traits. Honesty. The author of the story even goes so far as to say Mathilde is “tormented” (1). due to the fact that she has “dirty walls, worn-out chairs and ugly curtains”. (1). Mathilde feels entitled to so much more. This entitlement…show more content…
Mr. Loisel, who again has the most common sense, suggests that she wear the dress she goes to the theater in, but Mathilde cries until her husband gives in and offers to give her the four hundred francs he had been saving to treat himself. What a kind and caring person this Mr. Loisel is! You would think by this point Mathilde would be happy with buying an expensive dress and being able to attend a party with all the rich people she fantasizes about everyday. But of course, this is not the case. Again she asks for more. We then see another interaction between her and her husband where she asks for jewels to go with the dress, and he doesn’t understand the need. By this point, Mr Loisel finally gets a little upset with Mathilde's incessant whining and shouts, “How stupid you are! … Go and see your friend Madame Forestier and ask her to lend you some jewels. You know her well enough for that.” (4). Mathilde agrees and happily goes to ask for the jewels. If only Mathilde had understood her husband’s hint that she didn’t need the jewels, her life may have remained the same. The jewels that she picks out from Madame Forestier’s collection is a beautiful diamond necklace. The necklace and dress combined with good looks and grace make Mathilde the hit of the ball. She keeps her poor husband out until four in the morning, not wanting to leave this pretend life style. When she does leave, she runs away in order to not have to
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