What Is Traditional Political Participation?

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Sireena Nguyen
Government 2305
14 October, 2015
Assignment II What is Traditional political participation? It’s a wide range of activities made to influence government as in voting and other things such as protesting or volunteering for a campaign. The United State is a democratic country and we believe to let the citizens of america to put their input of suitable candidates to run our country by voting or other sources. These activities are all important and without these activities we wouldn 't be what we are today but as time goes by, we start to forget why being involve in political matter is important.
Political participation are influenced by different forms of ways, for example, race is on of the many influences that affects political participation, it has been said that “Asians have higher than average resources and they appear to be strongly rooted in their residential communities…cultural factors such as a community norm to avoid political involvement or the learned attitude that electoral politics are a waste of time, lack of political leadership, and experience of discrimination in the U.S.” (Uhlaner, Cain and Kiewet 1989, p. 217). But it is known that both Asians and Latinos are known for having the lowest rating for political involvement due to many factors, one of them is likely reasonable is recent immigrations. Many Asians and Latinos are known for coming to the United States and starting a new life, “Both Asians and Latinos – because they

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