What Is Ugly By Robert Hoge

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“Ugly” by Robert Hoge and illustrated by Keith Robinson is a memoir about a boy that was born with a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of his face and short, twisted legs. Surgeons removed the tumor and made him a new nose. Robert survived many hard surgeries-only to discover that other kids and adults could be cruel about the way he looked. He had fights with his family and troubles with his teachers. But nothing stopped Robert. He refused to let the judgements of other people ruin him. Robert, the main character, is a boy that was born with very ugly facial features. His was born with a tumor on his face and had legs that were twisted and were basically useless. Robert is still alive and is a very strong, kind, and one very …show more content…

His mom didn’t really want Robert at first and Vincent was very, very supportive about whether she wanted to bring Robert home or not. She said no until one night, when Mary and Vincent went home to their other children, Micheal, Gary, Paula, and Catherine and asked what they thought about bringing hime. All of Robert’s soon-to-be siblings said yes. While at first, Vincent and Mary were a little weirded out at first, their love for Robert grew stronger and stronger. Especially his mom’s, her love grew fast and fierce. His parents got over their “weird” feeling, they decided to take Robert out in the real world without getting …show more content…

Robert was made fun of a lot. He had too many surgeries to count. An example of him being ugly that made an impact on his life was when, at first, his parents didn’t really want him. They were too embarrassed. This happened while Robert was in the hospital after one of his many surgeries. He was too young to remember. In the middle and towards the end, everyone loved Robert. The main problem was how ugly he is. Robert never let it get to him. The conflict never really got solved. Robert joked around about it sometimes, too. Yes, he may have been hurt times, but he got over it and forgot about it. This story ends by him refusing to having his last surgery, at 14, because he just wanted to be himself. He wanted to look ugly. Being ugly made him who he was then, and who he is

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