What Is Your Philosophy?

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What is your philosophy? First let us define and understand what philosophy means. Philosophy is a basic concept examined through using specific spheres of knowledge. The concepts as examined are reality, existence, truth, freedom, and causality. Philosophy is broken down into many areas of interest. We will explore them with defining each, providing a description for approaches to philosophical questions as well as explaining how philosophy and culture interaction in terms of development and thought. Also I will describe and explain my philosophical area of interest as well as how or why cultural factors influenced my choice. In knowing this there are many areas of philosophy, here are the major areas: a) Epistemology:…show more content…
j) Feminism: A collection of varies movements geared toward achieving equal opportunity for woman. Women have too many hurdles to cross before they will ever achieve total equality of what is given for a man. Other philosophies see the environment as malleable and therefore, feel like there is capability for improvements through philosophic thought. Examining myself I would be best described as a moral philosopher. My principles and motivation today are based on what is right and wrong. At an early age, or as long as I can remember, I was taught that your beliefs and actions can lead you in making the correct decisions or choices. However, I am sure I always had not followed, what I was taught. Also because of my father passing near the end of my junior year of high school lead me to being an independent person. At this point you are raised by other family members and friends who also have their own moral beliefs regarding how you should act or what is right and wrong. When I was forced to be on my own, I was a bitter person, very disrespectful would not listen to anyone and rude. Of course whenever I tried to obtain or do anything whether it was to obtain an apartment or just getting into school I found myself not being very successful. With acquiring this ill-informed conduct it leads to my behavior changing. If you are constantly an unpleasant, ill-mannered yet unhappy person
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