What Made "Alexander of Macedon" Known as Alexander the Great?

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Why Alexander of Macedon is called “Alexander the great” and most successfully man in conquering the world known kingdoms? The answer is easy forward. Even though today after twenty-three centuries no man has accomplished like Alexander did. Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia is one of the greatest military Intelligence of all times. Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia. He was son of Philip, King of Macedonia, and Olympias, the princess of neighboring Epirus. Alexander spent most of his childhood with his mother while his father transform Macedonia into great powerful kingdom. Alexander’s mother Olympias was responsible for guiding his formative years. Olympias told Alexander when he was a kid …show more content…

Alexander grew up to conquer the world regardless the cost. Alexander’s military successes was beyond believe, because he conquered Asian minor and Egypt in a decade. The size of the army led by Alexander it vary in different books but according to Arrian (Ptolemy) , there was 32,000 infantry and 5100 cavalry, agree by Diodorus (17.17)(page 34). Even though with this small army Alexander the Great smashed the Persian with less difficulty. ”Alexander, therefore, while the enemy’s attention was engaged by the siege engines and the attempted assault within their sector , order the Guards, the archer, the Agrianes, and his personal guard to hold themselves in readiness, and himself, with a few men only, crept unobserved by the dried-up water-course, under the wall, into the town. Once inside he broke open the nearest gates and admitted the rest of the troops without difficulty” (Page 204). First, Alexander order to his siege engine was to build batter defense and force an entrance through the breaches, soon something has changed his tactics. There were a stream, under the bed, Alexander soldiers pass under the town and opened the gate. While the Cyropolis were engaged in the front. Alexander the great took the town and killed about 8,000, the rest surrounded. Alexander brought down the greatest empire in the world at that period, without difficulty and most

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