What Makes A Good Officer Or Warden?

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I stem from a long line of ancestors that have upheld the basic building blocks of freedom, justice, and the law. My great grandfather was a police officer, my grandfather was a detective, and my father was a police officer. I personally hope one day to become a Game Warden and follow in my ancestors pursuit of upholding the law and justice. I feel that there are certain psychological attributes that make a good officer or warden. A even tempered, hardworking, officer can solve crimes but the officer or warden who has a knowledge of psychology, can really find the truth. Yet I believe that there are two psychological phenomena’s that are most important in criminal justice and those are Characteristics of the Information and Characteristics of the Perceiver. I chose to talk about Characteristics of the Perceiver because it holds a lot of relevance in today’s criminal justice world.
As a hopeful Warden I understand the value of psychology and understanding how people work. I also know that in today’s day and age that joining the criminal justice field is a hard thing to do. I feel like understanding the psychological concepts of information and perceiver characteristics will ultimately help make me a better Warden. So what is it that makes these skills such a invaluable tool in a law mans belt? Well Characteristics of the perceiver has many parts to it. The most basic definition is the perceivers own characteristics influence what he or she gathers from a target. In other
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