What Makes A Hero In Dr. SeussThe Lorax?

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Superpowers, myths, muscle, and benevolence is what comes to mind when the word “hero” is mentioned, however, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss paints a very different picture of what a hero can be. A hero is someone who helps others, is determined, and has positive impacts on others. In Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, the titular character himself is the hero of the children’s story, as the lorax advocates for those without a voice, perseveres until the very end, and has a long lasting message that benefits humanity and others. The Lorax helps the helpless by advocating for those without a voice, namely the Truffula trees, the Bar-ba-loots, the Swomee swans and the humming fish. Soon after the Once-ler cut down a Truffula tree, the upset Lorax appears and establishes his position as communicator for the trees by saying that he “speaks for the trees.” He then proceeds to berate the Once-ler for cutting down the tree just to create his Thneed, which immediately caught the attraction of many customers. After the Once-ler realizes the potential of his versatile object created from Truffula tufts, he hurriedly set up a factory and began cutting down increasing amounts of Truffula trees to provide for the increase in production. Inevitably, this began to have adverse effects on the ecosystem, and the Lorax spoke up once again, this time on behalf of the Bar-ba-loots. Previously eating Truffula fruits and happily playing under the shade, the Bar-ba-loots had now lost their food source. The Lorax

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