What Makes Your Smile?

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Complete Smile Makeover Solutions | Lodi, CA If your smile is less than ideal, you have probably considered cosmetic dentistry services to enhance your appearance. What if your smile is in need of a complete makeover? Can Dr. Silva help? He can! Our team is highly trained and equipped to handle even the most complicated cosmetic cases. We offer a large variety of services in order to help our patients meet their cosmetic goals. One service we offer is the ability to combine any number of our other cosmetic options to create a complete, customized smile makeover package. We can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. But what does this process consist of? Let’s talk about it. Our smile makeover process is completed in only five simple steps, outlined below. Step One: Schedule Your Consultation The very first step to achieving the smile of your dreams is to schedule your consultation. You can do that by calling our office during business hours or by sending us a message. We can help you choose a date and time that works best for you. During this consultation, you will undergo examinations and talk to the doctor about your goals. This will be the foundation of your treatment. Step Two: Undergo Examinations The next step is to show up for your consultation! As mentioned, you will need to undergo a series of examinations in order for us to fully determine your current situation and your needs. We will take some digital X-ray images as well as intraoral images. We will also

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