What Practices Can Help Retain These Mature Workers ( Veterans And Baby Boomers )?

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1. What practices will help retain these mature workers (Veterans and Baby Boomers)?
The Society for Human Resource Management article discusses the challenge many companies face of finding qualified workers and the importance of engaging and retaining mature workers to help meet that challenge. A recent Gallup poll found that Traditionalists and Baby Boomers are actually more engaged while at work than their younger counter-parts Gen x and Gen Y (Gallup, 2013). While their engagement percentage is higher, we shouldn’t get too encouraged by that; it is still a shockingly low number: 42% of Traditionalists and 32% of Baby Boomers (Gallup, 2013). That means the remaining 58% and 68% respectively could either decide
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Those employees nearing retirement can find gratification in mentoring younger generations (Messmer, 2008). Therefore, getting them involved in a partnership that utilizes their experiences and knowledge can re-energize a Traditionalist or Baby Boomer. Lastly, giving all managers generational diversity training is probably the most important in making sure mature employees are treated respectfully and fairly (Garnick, 2005). Understanding that your company can suffer detrimentally if a mature worker walks out of the door with critical business information can be a strong motivator for management and HR to work proactively to take care of their aging workers (Garnick, 2005).
2. How can mature (Veterans and Baby Boomers) workers be utilized to enhance knowledge sharing and continuity within an organization? When Veterans and Baby Boomers retire, they take a valuable amount of knowledge with them. Garnick (2005) refers to this as “brain drain”. She details the three components of “brain drain” as knowledge of technical processes that may not be documented, expertise about products and services that have given the company an advantage, and relational experience with people inside and outside of the company (Garnick, 2005). The loss of this valuable knowledge can truly hurt an

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