What Was The Movement For Women's Rights In The First Half Of The 19th Century?

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The first half of the 19th century, women had no rights. A woman couldn’t do much of anything without her husband’s approval. “Her legal status was like that of a minor, a slave, or a free black” (404). Organized movements for women’s rights began in 1840. The two most prominent advocates for women’s rights were Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who refused to be merely “a household drudge” (404). They helped organize the Seneca Falls gathering which was one of the first steps towards women’s rights by proclaiming the equality of men and women. By the 1860s, the only jobs open to educated women were nursing and teaching. Although they made some legal gains, they were still unable to vote. Even the working-class women had little free
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