Essay about What is Alzheimer's Disease?

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What is Alzheimer's Disease? Alzheimer's Disease is an existential form of Dementia. Alzheimer's is a gradually crippling disease that affects an individual’s mental and physical capabilities over time. The disease develops predominantly within aged individuals. It is unknown as to what factors contribute to the etiology, or cause, of Alzheimer's Disease. In order to better understand Alzheimer's Disease, medical research and theories have helped shed a light as to how Alzheimer's occurs. By understanding what events lead to the cause of the disease, a specific treatment can then be developed that can hopefully stop or even reverse this debilitating disease that affects the elderly.

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13). As a result of this, the formation of memories becomes difficult to create and other symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease begin to occur.

The term 'etiology' is the cause that contributes to the development of a disease or condition. As stated before, the etiology of Alzheimer's Disease has continued to be relatively unknown since its first discovery. But further study by medical researchers have given way to possible factors that may play a significant role in the cause of Alzheimer's. As mentioned previously, the appearance of plaques and tangles could be possible factors to the cause of Alzheimer's. The abnormal proteins have been linked to other degenerative disease and disorders. Plaques and tangles have become a primary underlying characteristic to many dementia illnesses. According to the National Institute on Aging, genetics and environmental factors are also being taken into account as probable causes for Alzheimer's Disease.

Not every individual is the same when it comes to signs and symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. A prominent symptom of Alzheimer's would be memory loss, which becomes worse as the disease advances. Alzheimer's Weekly, a blog dedicated to offering news to a community familiar with Dementia, provided information on how Alzheimer's Disease is measured. There are seven stages that help determine the degree of progression of Alzheimer's Disease (Alz. Weekly). The first stage of

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