What is the Clarinet?

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What do people think when they hear the word clarinet? When most people hear this they think it is a kind of car or a disease. In some cases if they know what a clarinet is they think of Squidward Tentacles from the popular show Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon. So what exactly is a clarinet? The clarinet is a woodwind instrument and has the largest range of pitches in a woodwind section.There are thirteen different kinds of clarinet in the clarinet family. Clarinets come in many different sizes, with different pitch ranges but the most common clarinet is the Soprano clarinet or commonly known as the b flat clarinet. Johann Christoph Denner is given the most credit for making the clarinet which he made around in the sixteenth hundreds. J.C. Denner added two more keys to the chalumeau which was the first original clarinet by him doing this it increased it’s octave range. A chalumeau looks like a large recorder. The pitch of a clarinet can very from the musician, music, instrument, and mouthpiece. It is unknown where the clarinet was first made but resources say that it was either made in Germany or France A clarinet consists of eight different parts. The single reed, ligature, mouthpiece, barrel, middle joint, bridge key, lower section, and the bell. The clarinet is made out of a pingo tree also known as African Blackwood. Most modern day clarinets are made out of plastic. The reed of the clarinet is made out of reed grass which is formed in the Mediterranean, and

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