What 's Up With Those Skeletons?

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You know the story. That clickbaity story regarding associate ancient skeleton that feels like it can be true, however you’re undecided as a result of you saw it on Facebook and also the ikon is granulose and also the write-up confusing. What’s up with those skeletons? square measure they whole faux, or is there some semblance of truth to the story? I’ve collected — and debunked — the ten weirdest skeleton stories I might realize to assist you out following time a far off acquaintance or long-lost full cousin shows them to you as true ancient history facts.

1) ill-shapen Alien Skulls. each therefore typically, a point pops up regarding skulls therefore malformed and conic that they merely should be proof of aliens. They’re nearly always from Republic of Peru, that ought to raise concerns: if all the alleged alien skulls square measure found within the same place, might it 's that there 's an improved, cultural rationalization instead of “aliens”? several ancient cultures in South America practiced bone vault modification (CVM). Infants’ heads were wrapped with fabric or placed on boards, and because the heads grew, their form modified compared to the form that unremarkably happens while not binding. In extreme cases of CVM, the top seems long and slender, nearly conic or cylinder-like. And yes, nearly like those crystal skulls from the last IN Jones pic. CVM encompasses a terribly long history throughout the planet, however significantly in places like ancient

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