What´s Vertical Integration

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When searching for research to analyze and write about, I leaned more towards marketing and sales, which I want to ultimately work in. When I came across this article “Moving close to the customers: effects of vertical integration in the Swedish commercial printing industry”, I was interested in what vertical integration was and what it meant. I also was caught by the fact this was published using Swedish commercial printing. In this day and age, our country is becoming more and more globalized, and relies on other countries services and goods. I always find it interesting what other countries are doing in terms of business and maybe industries in America can learn from what they have implemented.
Starting of reading this article, I was completely lost and wanted to quit. Vertical integration seemed too big of a concept to wrap my head around and the article had so many stats and figures I was going crazy. After dissecting the article parts by part and figuring out what vertical integration meant, the research started to make sense. To start off what the research talks about lets define vertical integrated. According to Adelman, it states that “a firm is vertically integrated whenever it ‘transmits from one of its departments to another good or service which could, without major adaptation, be sold in the market.’”. Ultimately a company is vertically integrated when “firms integrates activities in the value chain to produce its own inputs and/or takes care of its own

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