Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

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We were all created to be different. Some may have similar physical features, but no two persons have the same DNA. I like to think of written stories in the same way, because although two stories can share many literary devices, no two stories will be identical, because they each reveal a larger theme. Each individual has a distinct perspective in which they see and comprehend, and that is why I believe that each story is open to endless unique interpretations by various individuals. Literary devices are what grab and captivate the readers, because they give the story purpose and meaning, in essence leaving the story to be interpreted by various perspectives. In the story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” by Joyce Carol Oates, …show more content…

Connie’s thoughts in this quote painted a clear picture of the type of relationship she had with her parents, and despite the point of view in third person, I got a sense of Connie’s attitude towards the life she was living and the people involved in her life. However, I wonder if the story would have been told in another perspective other than Connie’s if we would have been given so much insight of her view of the type of person she is. Additionally, I think it would have been quite a unique point of view from Arnold, because although we had several details about him, it would have been interesting to see what exactly he thought about Connie. There is so much unanswered about Arnolds character, such as if Arnold had seen her more than that one time she was on a date with the boy from the dinner, or why at the end of the story he referred to Connie as, “‘My sweet little blue-eyed girl’” (par 161). Because the story was told in third person limited, I felt it lacked clarification on Arnold’s character, but simultaneously the lack of clarification on this character leaves an opening for the reader to interpret what it is they read and form many different conclusions. Overall, the narration gave the readers so much insight into Connie’s real world and fantasy world, moreover really demonstrating how she was on a journey searching for her real identity that was the cause of her two worlds clashing.
Furthermore, the characterization is an additional important

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