Where Does Robot End And Human Begin?

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With the rapid development of new technology, what will it mean to be human in the future?
Human is defined in many ways, but the defining part of our humanity is our mind.
The most important part of our humanity is the brain, Mentally Disabled people think differently to the majority and are therefore put into a separate category to others. People existing in other realities are still human, the decisions they make and the way they think are still human. Robots imitating the human mind are perceived as mostly human. In a blind test an AI was voted 59.3 per cent human, while the humans themselves were rated just 63.3 per cent human. The question of our humanity is one that has befuddled philosophers and scientists alike for many years. But the problem exists where in the future, we will need to ask. Where does robot end and human begin? The defining characteristics of a person are constrained within their brain. Social deviants are placed separately to the rest of everyone and a different set of rule apply when you are interacting with them. People who are mentally ill or disabled have a different mind or way of thinking to the rest of us and are treated differently from the majority of humanity. People who have an exceptional intelligence are also treated a similarly. They are sometimes given special names such as D.R. and are taken from the rest of the students after school to be given a separate education to the rest of us. Anyone with a different way of thinking
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