Which Is More Immoral?

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Which is More Immoral?

According to Don Marquis, it would be immoral for Jane to go through with the abortion. Marquis argues that abortion, except in exceptional situations, is immoral not because of the effects that it will have on the family or friends of the victim, but the victim itself. An abortion will take away any future experiences of the victim and that would be the greatest loss an individual can suffer. Many would argue against Marquis and say that because a fetus cannot value their own futures then their futures are not valuable to them, and because a fetus cannot desire it’s own life that they have no right to exist. Marquis suggests that though they might not value or desire their future now it does not entail that they won’t, as they grow older. According to Marquis a fetus is a person that has a right to life and if Jane were to go through with the abortion she would be depriving her eight-week-old fetus of it’s valuable future-like-ours. Therefore, aborting the baby would be wrong and just as wrong as killing an adult human being.

Margret Little looks at Marquis’ argument and sees that it ignores the fact that a fetus occupies someone else’s body and whether or not it is entitled to it. Little questioned whether or not the right to life included the right to use the biological services of someone else’s body against their consent. Though the government tires to protect the interest of the fetus, it matters that the solution to protecting the fetus

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