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Recovering From Whiplash: What Can You Expect? Unfortunately, whiplash effects around two million Americans every year. From a few days of minor aches and pains to months - if not a lifetime, of agony, the consequences can vary considerably from patient to patient. What Are The Symptoms Of Whiplash? Frequently, symptoms of whiplash won't be felt for a few days after the injury. That doesn't mean, though, that whatever type of accident you were in should be ignored. Any time the head and neck are shaken or forced from their natural positions, serious injury can ensue. Within a few days or sooner, you may feel pain and stiffness in your neck and back. Thereafter, it may go away on its own or you could be given the news that you've sustained …show more content…

Depending on the extent of injury, you may not be able to walk, sit, stand or lay down normally, without feeling pain. The very nature of such an injury has forced different parts of your body, including elements of the spinal cord, out of their normal bounds. This could result in a non-alignment of the spine, disconnected joints and pulled or bruised soft tissue, all of which are crucial to basic movement. How Long Does It Last? Whiplash could leave you in a lifetime of pain and discomfort if it's serious enough, but most often, symptoms should subside within a six month period if the injury is properly addressed. What Can You Do To Improve Your Condition? With time, treatment and TLC, you should be on the road to recovery within a short time; however, there are steps you can take to improve your prognosis and speed up healing. 1. Listen To Your Doctor Follow the advice of your physician precisely. Although neck braces aren't prescribed as much as they once were, if you're told to wear one, do so as often as is …show more content…

Don't Remain Idle For Long Periods If you're authorized to return to work, be careful of the activities you engage in. You don't want to be moving around a lot, particularly in a hurried manner, but you also don't want to sit still for more than a few minutes at a time, either. What Else Impacts Recovery Time? There are two very significant indicators for speed of recovery regarding typical whiplash cases. One is the amount of pain you were in for the first few weeks immediately following your accident or diagnosis and two is, surprisingly to some, your attitude! Doctors and researchers have repeatedly discovered that positivity has an enormous impact on recovery. If you maintain a positive outlook, both in general terms and specifically pertaining to your injury, you can expect to heal faster. On the other hand, if you're constantly moaning, groaning and feeling sorry for yourself, there's scientific evidence that you'll suffer longer for it. Being informed, proactive and positive about your whiplash should see you better sooner, but keeping in close contact with your doctor will also help, as will staying active as much as your condition

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