White Like Me : Race, Racism, And White Privilege

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If you were to look up the definition of white privilege, it would say something along the lines of, benefits given to white people based solely on the fact that they are white. In Tim Wise documentary, White Like Me: Race, Racism, and White Privileged in America, he talks about white privilege and how it is negatively affecting America. He argues that by wanting to go back to the traditional America idea is really wanting for the unequal treatment of people of color, refusing to acknowledge how racism is working in our judicial system, and that by being colorblind is only enforcing white privilege. In the documentary when Tim Wise asked many white Americans how they felt about the economy in 2008, many replied and referenced that they wanted to go back to the 50’s, where they believed things were much better. They would say things like the economy was better because jobs were better not actually knowing that in the 1950’s about 91% of their income was being taxed instead of 35% of their income being taxed in 2008. Tim Wise explained that their longing to go back to the 1950’s was due to the fact that they felt their tax money was going to black people who instead of looking for a job would rather just use the government instead, but what they do not know is that for 100’s of year government has been giving financial help to white people but not people of color. The reason for their belief that their tax money was always going to African-Americans on welfare was because that
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