Who Are You?: A Fictional Narrative Essay

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Have you ever wondered if somewhere in this world there was a special place where magical things can happen? If so you were right all along. Except when you enter that magical world everything will not only be happy…. There is that one side of dark magic that you never want to see…. And, I, myself experienced that that side. It all started when I was at my school, Stinson. The bell had rung and I was going down stairs from ninth period art to my bus. I found my bus, R27, in the same place as always. I sat down in seat number two. Right before I sat down, I saw Audrey and she sat right next to me. Soon I saw my enemy, Landon. Landon is a seventh grader, just like me. He is about 3 more inches taller me. He has light brown hair, hazel …show more content…

I heard this quote from Muhammad Ali: Don’t make count the days, Make the days count.” While Audrey and I were talking, I didn’t even realize that we only had three more stops left! I looked around the bus to see how many more kids were left in the bus, and then I looked at Landon. He was looking outside the window and stared at the thick fog. I looked at Landon’s hand. I felt sorry for him a lot. Suddenly the bandaged cast seemed to break off!!! “Audrey, look at Landon’s hand!! The cast is about to fall off!” I whispered Landon looked at his hand, quickly hid it under his sweater, and gave me and Audrey a mean look. He looked away the window. Then, I looked out the window it was really foggy and strong winds blew. All of a sudden I heard a truck honking at us. The truck crashed into the bus, the glass shattered and the whole entire bus went rolling down the road and in to a deep, dark forest that was surrounded by trees everywhere. But the bus it’s self did not land on something pleasant… quicksand. Since the bus landed right in quicksand we were trapped. I woke up with lots of scratches but I didn’t sprain my ankle or arm. I woke up and I called every other person on the bus and told them to exit the back emergency exit. The bus driver, Mr. Paul, helped us get out of the bus. We all got out and walked. Then we sat down. After a little while I thought that Audrey and I

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