Who Got Better Of The 1850 Compromise?

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Dumitru Chiciuc HIS 121-60 Final Exam 06/22/2015 Who got better of the 1850 Compromise? At the beginning I would like to say, that I agree with those, who think that the North states got better of the Compromise in 1850. War in 1812-1815 against England finally put to an end the possibility of returning United States back under the British Crown. Henceforth, the Americans finally believed that they will be able to live and succeed as an independent nation and country. However, the country was not very identical. States vary greatly in population. Also States varied in economy and industry conditions. Conventionally, the country was divided into North and South. Initially, the border between them took place on the Potomac River. The main aspect was that the South was agricultural land, which was officially allowed slavery. The North states were Free states, and in the first third of the 19th century a transition from an agrarian economy to an industrial has rapidly occurred. Economy development North vs South: After the war in 1812-1815 both parts of the country were populated about equally. On the North lived about 19670000 people, 19600000 on the South. And were about 600000 slaves out of all population. However, the population of the North rose rapidly due to immigration from Europe. In 1820 on North lived nearly 7 million more people than in South states. Later, after the famous famine in Ireland and the revolutionary events in Europe, immigration has taken enormous

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