Who Is Bilbo Baggins A Hero In The Hobbit

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In J.R.R Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, Bilbo Baggins proves himself as a much inspiring main character. He helps his newfound dwarf associates find and kill Smaug, “‘the dragon who settled on their mountain in a spout of flame’”(Tolkien 24). In these many travels, Bilbo lets the adventurous, or “Tookish”, side of him show. In doing so, he saves his friends and himself many times. He realizes how much he can do and how he has become a hero throughout the journey to his dwarfish friends and others. Before realizing just how large of a journey was ahead of him, Gandalf, a well-known wizard, shows up on Bilbo’s doorstep looking for an adventure seeker. Gandalf seems to drag an unwilling Bilbo into the middle of this adventure as the burglar, or the …show more content…

The troubles are much less going home because the goblins are defeated, so they don’t have to worry about going through the Mirkwood Forest again to avoid them. They stop during midwinter at Beorn’s house, a big shapeshifting man who helped them on their way into the Mirkwood Forest and at the Battle of the Five Armies. They stay there a while and enjoy his company until spring, when they return to their journey. Once he and Gandalf caught sight of Bilbo’s house, they are shocked. People came in and out, auctioning off all of Bilbo’s property. “In short Bilbo was “Presumed Dead”, and not everybody that said so was sorry to find the presumption wrong”(Tolkien 303). He manages to acquire his items back, but not without the struggle of having to pay for most of them. So sometime later, Bilbo Baggins is happily settled in his home again, and enjoyed life to the end of his days. Bilbo Baggins was a hero to many by the end of his journey, and this is the of the theme of the book. He has an adventure waiting, he embraces it, and he comes home as a different person. This happens to many people every day. Maybe their adventures aren’t as exciting with tales of dragons and mounds of treasures to be found, but nonetheless they achieve a goal and come home

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