Who Is Julius Caesar A Good Leader

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Italia querci Julius Caesar essay When it comes to someone ruling they should be a loyal, trustworthy person who puts the country first. In Julius Caesar people pondered between three people to be in charge. While some may believe Mark Antony and Julius Caesar are the perfect candidates for Roman ruler, Brutus is the ideal leader over the two of them. Brutus was not only loyal to the people, but he did what he knew would be better for Rome and the citizens. Although Caesar and Brutus were so called friends, while at Caesar's funeral Brutus says “not that I love Caesar less, but I loved Rome more”(45). When it came to which was more important Brutus put his country before friendship which every leader should do. All people around Brutus even knew he was a genuine man. Mark …show more content…

They were stubborn men who would change Rome for the worse. In the very beginning of the book Caesar gets a warning from the soothsayer “beware the ides of March”(4). Caesar had the chance to take what the soothsayer said into consideration, but he does not think twice about this. He had a moment of foreshadowing his own death, but instead he turns his head in the other direction because of his big ego. Such a careless move like this caused his assassination, which could have been easily been avoided. A wise man like Brutus, would heed the notice given. Antony would not have lasted due to his inability to take charge. Before Antony completely joined the conspiracy, Antony would not give orders he received them from Caesar “when Caesar says ‘do this’ it is performed.” (4) What strong leader takes orders from the person he ends up joining a group against? With these actions he would not have been able to take charge and set rules. Antony would watch Rome fall to ruins with him as leader since he does not know how to give directions. On the other hand Brutus would be able to stand tall in front of the citizens and give

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