Who Is Man-Apes In Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey

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In Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, there are several points in the book displaying humans modernizing the technology. First, man-apes are shown adapting to their early world by creating weapons. Second, a tablet device appears to keep users updated on recent news in the world. Third, artificial intelligence is displayed, being able to monitor systems at all times without the need for sleep or food. Throughout the book, these modernizing machines are shown to help show readers the theme of the story. The man-apes are primitive beings that do not know how to hunt. The man-apes live off berries and anything they can harvest. They are struggling to keep their species alive, so “the man-apes must adapt, or they must die” (18). One …show more content…

Hal makes sure the ship is in good condition by running diagnostics and tests. Artificial intelligence is shown to have many benefits; however, it can develop a negative personality. Because of a secret Hal has to keep, pressure builds up and he kills a person. Another member on the ship believes it’s crazy “that Hal, who [has] performed flawlessly for so long, should suddenly turn assassin” (146). Hal is built for good actions, but turns bad. As a result of Hal’s action, the theme of the story appears. The moral of the story is though humans are advancing technology, there are still dangers. Arthur C. Clarke puts an emphasis on the hazards of technology by beginning and ending the book about nuclear weapons. Clarke refers nuclear weapons as “a slumbering cargo of death” (236). Nuclear weapons carried on a plane is death waiting to happen. In addition, Clarke also believes that “as long as they exist, [humans are] living on borrowed time” (31). With the existence of these weapons, there is a great danger to the human-beings. As a result, the human race can be wiped out due to the technology they

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