Who Is Responsible For World War I Essay

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In history, there has been many controversies with who is responsible for World War I that has changed the lives of many during the twentieth century. In Taking Sides Issue 7, V.R. Berghahn and Samuel R. Williamson, Jr discusses two sides on who is responsible for World War I. Berghahn states that all of Europe’s major powers played a part in the war but Germany is responsible for the conflict. On the other hand, Williamson argues that all factors and conditions goes to all of the nations and no one nation can be blamed for all that has happened. The issue being debated gives both side perspectives of World War I and the historical event that have occurred. World War I have caused the death of many lives and the destruction of major empires in Europe which include Turkish, Russian, Austrian, and German. At the time of technology, the rise and fall of communism, one of the world’s most controversial ideologies, and fascism may have caused more casualties than any event that led up to the time of World War I. Europe was divided into two alliance systems, Allied Government and Central Powers. The Allied Government nations were England, France, Russia, and later Italy and the Central Powers nations were Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire. Along with those alliances came most of the Europeans countries and the rest of the world. The four factors that might have caused the war is nationalism, militarism, imperialism and the alliance system that was formed before

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