Whoooo School-Personal Narrative

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In the year 1928 two kids went to an abandoned amusement park. They left terrified with bad things in their head, no one knows what happened because they were so terrified to tell. They never told anyone, not even their friends. Well let’s just take you to the beginning shall we says the grinning face, It’s summer break in 1928 “Whoooo school is finally out” says one of the students named Xavian while he is throwing all of his school papers in the air.
“Hey Angelina come with Allina and me to that abandoned amusement park” he said in a happy tone.
“ What NO a lot of bad things happen there besides I’m hanging out with Matthew tonight”. “WOW well bye party pooper come on Allina let’s go”
He grabs Allina by her warm hand and walks off to his nice bright blue mustang that almost looked brand new.
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“Ahh don’t do that”
She hits Matthew with all she has, she leaves a little mark on his arm. “Oww well sorry for scaring you, anyway shall we get going I mean it’s summer let’s go !!”
Matthew puts his long arm around Angelina and starts walking to get to his brand new sparkly black dodge. Meanwhile “Well here we are Carol's theme park,come on let’s get going” “Um Xavian I’m starting to think that this is a bad idea !” Alina says a little scared “Stop right there,I drove 2 long hours just to get us here now you want us leave. Well that’s not happening”
He grabs the gash and pulls it up to put his car in park. He gets out and walks in the wet dirt to get to the other side of his blue mustang, He opens the door to Allina’s door. “Come on i’ll protect you from anything scary hehe”
Xavian say’s with a big grin on his face. “Stop it that’s not funny!!!! At all”
Says Allina with a nervous tone in her
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