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Why are You Here?" I have fallen short in many ways towards the goals that I have made in my life.
No matter how high the standard is set, and whether failure awaits me, perseverance and my faith will carry me on. Some would label me as a dreamer. Someone could say I have reality to face, but without dreams we have no hope, and without hope we have nothing inside of us to fuel our deep passion to succeed and win the race that we have been running. Everyone has his own opinion about college and how important it is, but only a few will take the initiative to follow through and back what they stand for. Though a college degree in engineering seems unreachable, I will strive to make this the first foundational block for my future
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Through four and a half months of training in technical school, they were able to mold me into what they expect in the ordinance branch. So far, this has been an amazing experience, and I am proud of being a small part of the big picture. With that said, I am here for one reason and one reason only. I no longer have my parents ' direction, or have someone showing me what is right, and I would be wrong in making my time here meaningless. Many of my peers would say this is one big party and that they are here for the girls and the cheap beer, but if I wanted to party, I wouldn 't have chosen to pay so much for one. I think it would be ridiculous of me to waste a perfectly good opportunity to become the man that I was made to be. My past was unbalanced and reckless, and it would be easy for me to fall back into my old ways, so it would be wise of me to stay focused while I am here. My life was very structured and it drove me to want something different, but when I had to face my consequences, I soon came to want exactly what I was running from. Ironically enough, I am beginning to see what they were trying to do as parents. It would be nice to finally make them proud to be an influence in my life, and I will do my best to make that happen. Perception is a lot, and reputation is more, so I plan to do my best to represent the uniform I wear everywhere I go. When I finally accomplish these goals, maybe I will be ready for the next mission, but for now it is

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