Why Athletes Get Paid

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Why Athletes Get The Right amount Of Money
If you were a professional athlete would you not want to get paid millions?
That is why I think athletes get paid the right amount of money, and these are the several reasons why they get paid the right amount of money.
The professional get paid the right amount of money because of how much time they put in to the sport. Like when they have a family dinner to attend, but they have a game to play in as well. They have to sacrifice so they can get successful and get a contract in a professional league. My proof is when it was my little brothers birthday party, but it was also the day of my basketball game, I had to miss a bit of his party but I Need to play more and more so I can get a chance to …show more content…

My last reason for why professional athletes get paid the right amount of money is because of how much money the invest in the sport so they can acquire the status of a professional athlete. My point is that professional athletes don't just come without paying a cost an average hockey academy would cost around $40,000-$50,000, buts thats just a hockey academy so it's going to be expensive but for a college or university the average cost would be around $6,000, depending on what university you go to it might be cheaper or it can cost more, but to become a professional athlete you would most likely go to an expensive university or college. An example of domac when this happened is when LeBron James a professional athlete in the
National Basketball Association didn't have enough money to play on a basketball team, but they saw his skill and they let him pay less than the full price,but it was still a lot to sacrifice because he wasn't wealthy but his parents still did it so he can succeed as an athlete. I think athletes like lebron james come from a not so wealthy family, so it took a lot of sacrifice and of course money to get them in this high paying job , so do you think

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