Why Beyonce Had Album Of The Year

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The Grammy’s aired this weekend and what was expected to be a Beyonce landslide turned out to be a Beyonce preview. Lemonade an album that shook 2016 to it’s core and was nominated for the coveted “Album of the Year”. Unfortunately, Queen Bey was snubbed….again. Just like you, MEFeater was confused and so we comprised a list of 25 reasons why Beyonce had Album of the Year It incorporated multiple genres This was not just an R&B album or a Pop album. This was an album that related to people of all backgrounds and paths of life. It included rock, country, soul, you name it. Beyonce even performed at the CMA awards with a song off this album. Inside scoop on a side of Bey we’ve never seen We’ve seen Beyonce cry, scream, and love. But all …show more content…

Political music has always been seen as radical and pushed away. Lemonade put poli-music on the radio, on commercials, and at the Superbowl. It included different types of art Spoken word, storytelling, and cinematic expression all held integral parts in It had a storyline unlike most albums today Bey was the narrator and each song flowed together like a well written novel. I don’t about y’all, but I don’t remember anxiously waiting for a new chapter in 25. It was unapologetically black Unlike the Grammy’s, this album was an event where unapologetic blackness was celebrated IT HAD A VISUAL We didn’t have to wait for the video or the album. It came all together. Your fav could never release a visual and studio album at the same time. Out all of her AOTY nominations, Lemonade truly deserved it Beyonce has made memorable albums in the past, but if we’re talking albums that are Library of Congress worthy…..I’m betting on Lemonade 25 times. The last album by a black woman to win was “The Miseducation of LH” Lauryn Hill was the last black woman to win Album of the Year. That was in 1999. Enough said. Even Adele thought she deserved it Her opponent used her speech time to talk about why she deserved the award. Um, that’s enough evidence to show that Bey was robbed It embraced black womanhood We weren 't the big booty video vixen or the R&B crooner to come in and sing the hook. We were at center stage and we had baby hair and afros. It

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