Why Bowe Bergdahl Should Do Time. The United States Army

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THE UNITED STATES ARMY SHOULD PROSECUTE BOWE BERGDAHL TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT OF THE LAW FOR HIS DESERTION AND MISBEHAVIOR. Robert Bowdrie (Bowe) Bergdahl is a United States Army sergeant who left his post in Afghanistan 2009 purposefully and intentionally. The Bowe Bergdahl case is an odd case that sometimes does not make much sense. He will be facing court-martial sometime this year for is desertion and misbehavior. The Uniform Code of Military Justice is very similar to regular law but has some adjustments that pertain to certain military rules and regulations. Bergdahl violated one of the most important rules and the first General Order, these orders are a soldier’s guideline on how to conduct
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Although some think that is enough to not admit him to any other military service he later joined the Army through the proper channels and with a waiver.
Bergdahl actively made the decision to leave his post in Afghanistan in an attempt to raise awareness to the issues he was having with his unit. His plan was to leave from his duty station and make a long hike to another base in the region, causing what is known as a DUSTWUN (duty status whereabouts unknown) and that this action might bring attention to his situation by alerting higher command. There is no proof of how he was actually captured, Bergdahl mailed many of his belongings home and sent final emails to his father before his departure.
From my personal experience while deployed to Afghanistan from 2011-2012 I can say it is very rough to put it simply, the thought of leaving your post and wanting to get away from it all is a regular occurrence, but when you are in that tower or driving on a convoy or whatever it is that you are doing and you look out into the nothingness it hits you very quickly and you realize the radical impracticality of it all, you understand through your training that there is literally no way that you would be able to accomplish getting away from whatever you wish you could.
Bowe’s story of why he did leave his post is strange there are many sources of which

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