Why College Is The Best Fit And The Benefits Of College

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Why is college important to you? College is important to me because I see the many opportunities that it will provide for me that will not be provided if I do not attend. As a minority and a low-income student opportunity is limited. The support of college and a degree, provides many options and possibilities that I do not receive on a daily basis. Many of the people from my community are working just to pay the bills, however I want to find a career, explore the world and give back and I believe that college will give me those opportunities to do so. Attending college, also give me the chance to meet new people from the world and learn about them and how their world has shaped their live and the circumstances that led them into college. In the article, Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Says, by David Landoldt, he states reasons why college is the best fit and the benefits that college offers to its graduates. He briefly talks about the financial support that college graduates receive after college and connects it to individuals who have not received a degree. In the article, Why college isn’t for everyone, explained in a single chart, by Chris Matthews, he states the downfalls of college and explains that some individuals are simply wasting their time in college. He also explains that it is uncertain for students to receive the correct materials from college. A key factor that keeps individuals from attending factor is the amount of debt they occur through their four
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