Why College Students Should Not Going To College

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Going to college is considered to be the most appropriate path a student can take so as to become successful in life. Today's society has an attitude that students who do not attend colleges cannot make a decent life. Besides, many parents believe that the rate of return on the college education is surprisingly good irrespective of whether the college is competitive or not. Degree graduates are held in high esteem in the society and parents sacrifice a considerable amount of resources to ensure their children to go to college. However, not all successful people in the community have attended a college. It is not a necessity for a person to attend college so as to earn good salary. Going to college is not a smart investment due to the low rate of return on investment, diverse areas of as interests among learners, and variation in what constitutes financial success.
The Rate of Return on Education
The rate of return on education does not indicate the true effect of the college education. A good number of college graduates get employed and live a decent life. Having a job enable the graduates to afford substantial amounts of money to cater for house and car mortgages, health insurances, fees for children, and recreational purposes. The fact that many college graduates earn a decent living does not mean that those who did not attend college do not. A good number of successful individuals have not attended colleges and can cater for all their needs and those of

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