Why Creationism Should Be Taught

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Vanessa Alacantar was a high school student who wrote an argumentative essay entitled “Why creationism should be taught in schools.” As can be ascertained from the title, the author’s position is that the theory of creation should be taught in schools alongside evolutionary studies. She writes the essay with a sure and almost condescending tone, making certain claims out of context in addition to using faulty logic in what I personally see as an attempt to confuse the reader about the view opposite her own. She begins her essay by discussing how teaching creationism has been banned from the public school system. She goes into discussing how ever since the Scopes Trial, “Evolution has been taught in schools thus pushing creationism aside, until its teaching was completely prohibited in schools,” she says. Vanessa goes on to say that the theory of evolution itself is not even a scientific study. She makes this claim stating that it cannot be observed or verified. She makes many claims to back up her statement about its unscientific nature, ranging from varying dog breed’s still all being dogs to statements where she says “animals that are said to evolve from certain other animals have been proven to have no DNA or RNA similarities.” Next she brings up the theory of creationism and states that it is as unproven as the theory of evolution. “Creationism does have a bit more reasonable parts to it,” she says, however she neglects to provide any examples to back up her point.

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