Why Did The Allies Win World War II?

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Abstract Why did the Allies win World War II? (Roark 854) In this paper we will be discussing the reasons behind why the Allies were able to defeat the Axis powers in World War II. (Roark Ch.25, p. 792) During the era of World War II technology developed largely during this time. (History Net Where History Comes Alive World US History Online RSS) The improvements in technology helped the Allies win World War II, because of technological advances it helped the Allies be more ahead of the Axis powers, but this was not the only reason the Allies won World War II. (History Net Where History Comes Alive World US History Online RSS) World War II is known greatly for Pearl Harbor in the United States, but in Europe it is know for Adolf Hitler’s need for what he called the “superior race” (Adolf Hitler) that he believed everyone should be and the holocaust. (Hughes, Britannica, WWII) World War II was also the war that included almost every country in the world and caused the most deaths of all time, even today it still holds the record for most deaths especially for a six-year period of time. (Hughes, Britannica, WWII) The Beginning of World War II World War II began September 1939 and started when Germany invaded Poland for the beginning of Adolf Hitler’s plan to create the race he believed should live. (Hughes, Britannica, WWII) Hitler wanted to gain control of Poland to be able to continue his belief of creating the race he believed to be the strongest; Poland had the support
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